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May 01, 2007



Hi Brandi,
Don't worry about the edit she's adorable anyway. I'm wondering what that expression means on the right :)
About the stats; I'll just jump back and forth on your and Kara's blog 1,000 times a day :0) It's the least I can do.

Brandi Ginn

my husband just said the expression means "there you are with the camera AGAIN, can't a girl get her hair cut without the paparazzi" um yeah, she's 2 and the anti-camera attitude begins!

He also just added: Honey, I think if I were to right a book about you it would be entitled "My life with the paparazzi"


I thought I read the expression right. I have a two and 1/2 year old of my own :o)

Kara Elmore

Ohhhhh - you two! I'm already getting that expression from my 3 week old! ;0) Love her face!

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