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March 29, 2006



I'm trying to organize my pantry. I like the look of your totes, but I have a question. What do you put in there? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but here's what I mean. Do you put all the pasta in one tote, the snacks in a tote, the canned fruits in one, the canned veggies in another?

Kara Elmore

I need these - YOU KNOW I need these! I soooooooooo need these!


Brandi, looks fabulous! What size are the totes?


this looks fabulous!
I need to do some organizing of my own


Looks great!! It must feel so good to have everything organized and in it's place! I sooo soooo need to do that! I am ALWAYS rearranging my cubbards, maybe this is THE way to go to stay organized!! Thanks again for the inspiriation! About how many totes did you end up using?

Gillian Greding

This is the coolest system EVER! I SO need to implant this system in my home!

Jody Ferlaak

I'm not normally- but this could make me- envious! wow.


What a masterpiece! I love the totes,I dream to have things looking that good here....but I think I can use a few of these ideas, thanks!

Adie Graham

I'm sitting here with my friend, Adie - admiring your BASKETS!!!! Her jab was dropped - drool came out in droves! When can you visit to do this for me...for us...for the world! ;0) LOL Kara ;)


What a smart idea. I might just have to make this my Conference project. My pantry is always in disarray...I think you have mastered the solution. Keep the great ideas coming!


I stand in awe of you girl!

Heather Stevens

This is so remarkable. I love organized spaces. This makes me want to do this too. It would keep my little kids from being able to easily grab at things when I'm not looking.


Where did you buy the totes?


I'd love to know where you got the totes as well.

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