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April 03, 2006


Kara Elmore

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! And...HELLO...NO sagging skin on YOU, LADY!!! I've seen your gorgeous skin and it's to die for! :0) But, yes, we all have our "sad" parts! So glad Nate stepped it up (sorry Nate!) and fabulous that Alexa thinks you're a "child bride".


Happy Birthday!

I hope your entire day is as wonderful as it started off. :) And you are beautiful! Who wants to go through being 21 again anyways? (although having that body again...)

I also wanted to say that I've really been enjoying your site. I started visiting after Donna posted about you. I love your artist style.

Enjoy YOUR day!

Kara Elmore

Go spend some MONEY!!! :0)

Kim Bolyard

Happy Birthday...You don't look a day over 21...My mother in law says to tell everyone I am celebrating my fourth anniversary of my 39th birthday...does that tell you how old I am...don't worry I have you beat, along with wrinkles and hair loss.. have great day

Kim Bolyard

Ok I will tell I am 43 (just had my birthday in Feb)


happy, happy birthday! (and there ain't nothing wrong with your kids thinking you were a child bride!)


Happy Birthday Brandi!!! Remember the more candles, the bigger the wish. I hope your day is wonderful! You lucky duck, you can't ask for more than your sweetie serving you breakfast in bed. What a good day!

~My project went well, more importantly, it's done!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new and improved laundry room...anything that makes laundry a little more enjoyable is a good thing!


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy happy birthday !!! Well, belated now since it is the 4th..hope you had a great day! Breakfast in bed sounds so nice!!! Looking forward to seeing pics of your latest and greatest...


A very Happy Birthday to you!!!


Happy birthday!!! You look great!


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Gillian Greding

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was wonderful!


Happy late brithday wishes from West Texas!!

You are only old when you can no longer blow out the candles in one breath! lol!!

Seriously, Brandi, we love you just the way you are!

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