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February 16, 2007



Hi Brandi - My name is Angela and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have just started reading your blog and going back over your previous posts discovered the jobs to do list and offer of a copy of your organising calendar - I would love a copy please. I feel a lot like you, I love everything to be neat and tidy and when I have the energy I'm busy creating and life is fabulous and then I get tired and grumpy and everything feels too much. I need balance too.

Keep up the blogging you really are totally inspirational.

I did try emailing you but it rejected my email! My email address is [email protected] - thanks.

Brandi Ginn

Thanks so much Angela!!! You're awesome for posting and letting me know. I sent you an e-mail...let me know if you don't get it.


Thanks so much for replying, I was so thrilled to see your
email this morning. Thanks for the list. I couldn't open up
the calendar but will get my DH to have a look at it for me.
The list and what you said about it was very similar to one
I have, made me feel on the right track!

Good on you for cleaning the garage I bet you feel a lot
better about it now.

I'm trying to implement and stick to a plan of
"spring-cleaning" one room a month, that way I don't have to
do it all at once - of course it is now February and I
haven't done a single room! My girls have just gone back to
school and kindy after an almost 7 week summer break so I am
only starting my second full week today, it takes a while to
get back into it.

Thanks again it was lovely to hear from you - Angela

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