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June 30, 2007



Brandi, it's going to be beautiful :) And don't you dare paint it anything other than what a little girl would want. Mustard brown, what kind of neighbor would even consider that? Not one with the girls in mind. They grow too fast, you fight tooth and nail if you have to so they can keep it. I know they have to be estatic :D
By the way did you have a blueprint to go by?

Brandi Ginn

Thanks April! I wish I was sure my neighbors felt the same way.

Well we kinda had a blueprint but not really. We basically combined two ideas...I even forgot to mention that there will be a slide going from the balcony down to the grass! Then my husband did some research on how to do a few things and then the two guys in some of those pictures are builders/friends of my husband's who came to help...we were SOOOO grateful. They built me the little dormer on top! SO cute!!!

Kara Elmore

I'm with april. Fight tooth and nail!


I want to see pictures when you are all finished!!! Then I will have to show them to my little girls, who will of course, have to show it to their dad, who will then have to build them one of their own!!!!

FIGHT!!! What girl wants a baby-poo colored playhouse!


You go girl! I heard a sermon the other day about not compromising and I'm going with that in everything ... Well not really but I'm trying ... So no to a poo-coloured playhouse. It's great to see YOU back! Ange (NZ)


Dude, if they asked, I'd say you are building an aesthetically pleasing shed and leave it at that. It doesn't look like a play ground type of thing so I'd say you've got some basis for argument there!

And it's CUTE!!!! Complainers should be given thirty lashes with the HOA by-laws.

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